Hello my name is Henry Lam and I've been a photographer since 2003 who resides near Brisbane in Queensland Australia. 


Mostly a self-taught photographer, from reading books and being mentored by other successful photographers. My strength in photography lies in photographing people and landscape imagery. In my years of experiences, I have worked for newspapers, teaching introductory workshops, weddings and portrait sessions.


Nowadays my photography is based on 2 things now. One is photographing the things I love, which are landscapes, people and travel. Second is my passion to teach.


My teaching classes are set in a mentoring environment, that is where I go 1:1 with the client/student. I believe mentoring is one of the most effective ways of learning and expanding your skills as a photographer.


I only teach my niche areas (Landscape and People) photography, and also the fundamentals of photography. Fundamentals include:

  • Buying guide for digital cameras
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Understanding flash photography.

If you would like to know more about any of my classes please send me a message in the 'contact me' section


Please take the time to browse through some of the images I have taken over the years, and contact me if you have anything regarding my photography services, or just to chat about photography.