Professionalism, Uncompromisable Customer Service, and Creative Skill are the values for all wedding shoots done by Henry Lam photography.

We believe here that the photography is the most important service throughout the wedding because;
The photographer will be there from the moment the sun rises and people are frantically getting ready for the day, all the way till people part ways and to the closing of the night.

Photography is the only tangible item that exists after the wedding has taken place. Years and decades after the special day, Clients are able to review the images to reflect back on all the special moments.

Capturing the moments and creating the memories is one of the most important parts of any wedding.

The mission of Henry Lam photography is to provide uncompromised customer service, respect for all wedding members - not just the bride and groom, and provide images of the highest possible quality.

If you wish to know more or enquire about the services for a wedding with Henry Lam photography, Please use the "Contact tab" and I will tend to your request as soon as possible.

With highest regards
Henry Lam